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Sckribbles Environmentally Conscious Wall Art

Sckribbles' Eco-Friendliness

At Sckribbles, our dedication extends beyond creating visually appealing wall art to ensuring a positive environmental impact.


Our fine art prints, including framed options, are crafted from 100% cotton linters, a consciously chosen material for several reasons:

1. Waste Reduction: Repurposing cotton linters plays a crucial role in lessening the environmental impact of the cotton industry. These once-discarded fibers now serve as canvases, significantly reducing overall waste.
2. Forest Preservation: Opting for fine art paper made from cotton linters helps safeguard forests, promoting biodiversity and combating deforestation associated with traditional paper production.
3. Minimal Chemical Usage: Cotton linters require fewer chemicals in the manufacturing process compared to wood pulp, resulting in reduced water pollution and an eco-friendly production process.

The Excellence of Cotton Linters Paper

Experience the durability and longevity of our art on naturally acid-free and lignin-free cotton linters paper, resisting yellowing and deterioration. The luxurious texture enhances artwork depth, while excellent absorbency allows for intricate detailing and vibrant color saturation. Adaptability to various mediums makes cotton linters paper the preferred choice of renowned artists.

UL-Certified GREENGUARD Gold Ink

Our commitment to clean indoor air quality is evident through our GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks, tested for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With over 15,000 VOCs screened, our prints are both safe and environmentally friendly.


Printed on high-quality 8 mil, 260 gsm satin SUV poster paper, our posters are not only durable and long-lasting but also highly scratch-resistant. 


Choose sustainability with our frames made from 100% ethically sourced real wood, eliminating the use of plastic in our framing process.