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10 Tips for a Home Bedroom Refresh Using Wallpaper in 2024

Home Bedroom Refresh Using Wallpaper

Home Bedroom Refresh Using Wallpaper

Refreshing your bedroom can be an exciting and transformative experience. One of the most impactful and straightforward ways to achieve a fresh look is by using wallpaper. Wallpaper offers endless design possibilities and can quickly change the ambiance of a room. In this article, we'll explore how you can refresh your bedroom using wallpaper, highlighting some options from our collection.

Why Choose Wallpaper?

Wallpaper has made a significant comeback in interior design. It’s no longer confined to the outdated patterns of the past; today’s wallpaper offers a wide array of designs, textures, and application methods that can suit any aesthetic. Here are a few reasons why wallpaper is an excellent choice for your bedroom refresh:

  1. Versatility: From bold, eye-catching patterns to subtle, soothing designs, wallpaper can fit any style or mood you want to create.
  2. Texture and Depth: Wallpaper adds texture and depth to your walls, creating a more engaging and visually appealing space.
  3. Easy Application: Modern wallpapers, especially peel-and-stick options, make it easy for even novice DIYers to achieve professional-looking results.
  4. Durability: High-quality wallpaper is durable and can protect your walls, making it a long-lasting design solution.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

When selecting wallpaper for your bedroom, consider the overall look and feel you want to achieve. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect wallpaper:

Consider the Color Scheme

The color scheme of your wallpaper should complement your existing decor or the new look you plan to create. For a calm and serene bedroom, consider soft and neutral tones. If you want to make a bold statement, go for vibrant colors and striking patterns.

Think About the Pattern

Patterns can dramatically affect the perception of space. Large patterns can make a room feel cozier, while small, intricate designs can make it appear larger. Geometric patterns can add a modern touch, while floral designs can bring a touch of nature indoors.

Evaluate the Room Size

In a small bedroom, light-colored wallpaper with subtle patterns can make the space feel larger and more open. In contrast, a large bedroom can handle bolder designs and darker colors without feeling overwhelming.

Highlighting Sckribbles Wallpaper Collections

Let's take a closer look at some fantastic wallpaper options from Sckribbles that can help you refresh your bedroom.

Gray Japanese Fish Watercolor Wallpaper {Zen Koi} Wallpaper Sckribbles

1. Zen Koi

Transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis with the "Zen Koi" wallpaper. This design features stunning Japanese-style Koi fish in subtle gray and orange tones, exuding a calm and peaceful vibe. The watercolor effect adds a touch of artistry, making your walls look like a serene painting. "Zen Koi" is available in both removable self-adhesive peel-and-stick and traditional application methods, ensuring effortless installation.

Shop "Zen Koi" here.

Fun Dramatic Leopard Print Wallpaper {Savannah Chic} Wallpaper Sckribbles

2. Savannah Chic

For a bold and exotic look, consider the "Savannah Chic" wallpaper. This design showcases a vibrant leopard print in bright neutral shades, perfect for adding a fun, maximalist vibe to your bedroom. The striking pattern can serve as an accent wall or cover all four walls for a dramatic effect. Like all Sckribbles wallpapers, "Savannah Chic" is available in both peel-and-stick and traditional applications, making it easy to achieve a high-end look.

Shop "Savannah Chic" here.

Pink Grid Distressed Wallpaper {Blush Geometry} Wallpaper Sckribbles

3. Blush Geometry

"Blush Geometry" offers a blend of modern design and subtle elegance. This wallpaper features a distressed geometrical pattern in tones of pink, gray, and tan, creating a muted, weathered vibe. It's perfect for those who want a contemporary look with a touch of vintage charm. This design can seamlessly fit into a variety of bedroom styles, from modern minimalist to boho chic.

Shop "Blush Geometry" here.

Vintage Colorful Floral Wallpaper {Nostalgic Blooms} Wallpaper Sckribbles

4. Nostalgic Blooms

If you love vintage-inspired decor, "Nostalgic Blooms" is the wallpaper for you. This design showcases a beautiful floral pattern in shades of muted blues, yellows, and reds. The old-world charm of this wallpaper can instantly transform your bedroom into a cozy, nostalgic retreat. It’s available in both self-adhesive and traditional application methods, allowing for easy installation and a perfect fit for any bedroom.

Shop "Nostalgic Blooms" here.

Maximalist Leopard Print Wallpaper {Feline Fancy} Wallpaper Sckribbles

5. Feline Fancy

Add a touch of playful elegance with the "Feline Fancy" wallpaper. This design features a stunning leopard print in bright neutral shades, bringing a fun, maximalist vibe to your space. Whether used as an accent wall or throughout the room, "Feline Fancy" adds a unique and sophisticated touch to your bedroom decor.

Shop "Feline Fancy" here.

How to Install Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper might seem daunting, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be a straightforward DIY project. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Tools and Materials

  • Wallpaper of your choice
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Smoothing tool
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Wallpaper adhesive (if using traditional wallpaper)
  • Sponge and water (for peel-and-stick wallpaper)

Steps for Installation

  1. Prepare the Walls: Ensure your walls are clean, dry, and smooth. Patch any holes or imperfections and sand down rough areas.
  2. Measure and Cut: Measure the height of your walls and cut the wallpaper into strips, leaving a few extra inches at the top and bottom for trimming.
  3. Apply Adhesive: If using traditional wallpaper, apply adhesive first. For peel-and-stick wallpaper, peel off a few inches of the backing.
  4. Position the Wallpaper: Align the first strip at the top of the wall, using a level to ensure it’s straight. Press the wallpaper onto the wall, smoothing it out as you go to remove air bubbles.
  5. Trim Excess: Use a utility knife to trim the excess wallpaper at the top and bottom.
  6. Repeat: Continue with the next strip, aligning the pattern carefully. Repeat the process until all walls are covered.
  7. Smooth Out Bubbles: Use a smoothing tool to remove any remaining air bubbles and ensure a flat, even surface.

Final Thoughts

Refreshing your bedroom with wallpaper is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your space. Whether you prefer bold, eye-catching patterns or subtle, calming designs, there’s a wallpaper out there to suit your taste. The Sckribbles collection offers a variety of beautiful, high-quality options that can transform your bedroom into a stylish and inviting retreat. So, go ahead and explore the possibilities—your dream bedroom is just a wallpaper away!

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